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Vertex Transport
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Got a tricky government shipment to get moved?

Vertex Transport was created nearly a decade ago as a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB).  Many of today’s corporations have "supplier diversity" programs in place.  Many set aside millions of dollars in vendor and procurement contracts to small businesses that have been certified as minority or disabled-owned.  Some corporations include veteran and disabled-owned businesses in their supplier diversity programs.

Vertex offers its services to those companies who embrace the concept of supplier diversity.  Vertex is proud to be a service-disabled veteran-owned small business and freight forwarder.

To become certified, a business owner like Vertex must submit financial records such as bank documents, tax returns and a profit and loss statement, and provide proof of majority ownership by a disabled veteran.

Corporations that have supplier diversity programs require certification in order to prevent fraud and to prove that they are using diverse suppliers, especially in instances where government contracts mandate that a portion of business be directed to minority and disabled-owned firms.

Company Data


Service Bonding Level, Aggregate (dollars): $100,000


Vertex currently provides logistic services to the following Government Departments/Agencies:

• Department of Homeland Security
• Department of Defense

Vertex currently provides logistic services to the following under our supplier diversity:

• Pepsi Bottling Group
• Anheiser-Busch Companies
• Textainer Equipment Mgmt
• UPS Freight

Please contact Vertex Transport Government Services at 904-861-2065, 904-861-2061 or the following
e-mail address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..